K. Netherton

K. Netherton

Landscape and Garden Design


K. Netherton, Master Gardener & Permaculturist

With over 15 years of experience working in gardens and on organic farms, both locally and internationally, Katie has maintained a strong reputation as a holistic horticulturalist. Her designs and garden projects are always centered around feeding the community – including the local residents, soils, pollinators, and beneficial insects.

Katie brings a creative eye to all of her projects. She is the founder of Edible Kent and her designs can be seen in both urban gardens and backyards throughout the Midwest and Austin Area.

gardening is our passion

design ideals

  • To promote and develop a culture of and opportunities for growing organic food, using regenerative practices and attractive designs
  • Provide food and host plants for our precious pollinators
  • Decrease water and energy consumption by planting native and adaptive plants that require less water and maintenance
  • To develop whole community skills in growing produce, and creating butterfly &  bee habitats through workshops
  • Use beautiful designs to promote interest in beneficial plants and sustainable food production
  • Empower and inspire the next generation of gardeners through creativity and sustainability

what we do


DESIGN: Do no harm, but make it pretty! Whether it’s a veggie garden, a flower bed, an herb garden, or a combination of all three — we strive to use plants that not only can feed you, but the soil and our pollinators. Our designs are built with water conservation and core Permaculture principles in mind, while also proving that productive gardens can be pretty.

INSTALLATION: Take the guesswork out of finding and vetting a landscaping team and let your designer see the whole process through — from the initial vision to the final product.

EDUCATION: Practice what you preach, and TEACH OTHERS. Education is a passion of ours. We want everyone to become a confident gardener and help make the world a prettier (and more sustainable) place to live. From workshops, to garden walkthroughs that teach you how to maintain your new, improved space — education is an integral part of our business.